You are the Creator

Negin Meybod Tile Company, a tile manufacturer in accordance with Iran’s national standards, is committed to complying with all national laws and regulations and considers it necessary to meet the numerous and growing needs of customers, employees and other stakeholders of its own.

– Respect for all stakeholders and efforts to meet the expectations and expectations of customers and employees.

– Increasing the quantity and quality and diversity of manufactured products

– Continuously improving the quality of products provided to customers and creating a dynamic communication platform with them

– Preventing occupational accidents and promoting occupational safety and health

– Applying all resources and resources of the organization to protect the environment

– Increasing market share and expanding product exports to the global market

– Improving organizational performance and developing organizational resources to increase productivity

Managing the company with the implementation and deployment of an integrated management system conforming to global standards

(ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001)

Expecting all the aspiring colleagues on the way to the excellence of the organization;

– Coordinate their performance with integrated management practices and take steps to improve their activities.

– Strive for student excellence and dedication, and dynamic work conscience as well as respect for discipline and discipline and mutual trust in achieving corporate goals.

– With all its creativity and initiative, they will use all their power to improve the quality and quantity of production and reduce costs.

– Protect the equipment and environment provided for your work and keep it clean and maintain. The survival of the company is dependent on maintenance of equipment and personnel.

– Familiar slogan “First Safety Second Work” to lead their duties.

The Negin Meybod Tile and Ceramic Company’s policy will be reviewed annually in order to align with the long-term vision of the organization, and the management representative will have sufficient authority to oversee and maintain the integral implementation of this policy and integrated management system.

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